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For over 27 years, Quality Research has been bringing tomorrow's medicines to San Antonio. In that time, we have helped bring hundreds of new and life-changing medicines and therapies to millions. We cannot do what we do without you.

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Clinical Trials are Safe, Confidential and Worthwhile

The doctors and staff at Quality Research have been offering Clinical Research Trials to San Antonio for over 27 years. We are dedicated to making sure that if you qualify for one of our trials, your health is our utmost concern. We also guarantee your privacy, and we are bound by HIPAA regulations. All our trials have guaranteed generous compensation for your time and travel while enrolled as a qualified study participant. Taking part in a clinical trial not only helps those suffering from similar conditions, but is also of value for you.

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Call (470) 227-8130 or Fill out the form and one of our Patient Recruiters will call you to see if you qualify.

Qualified Participants Receive a Diagnosis, Health Exam, and Study-Related Advanced Medications

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