About Us

The doctors and staff at Quality Research have been helping to bring tomorrow’s medicines to San Antonio, Texas for over 27 years. Our caring, compassionate staff have been a team for years helping people just like you participate in clinical trials. Our entire focus is your safety and comfort throughout the trial, and you will feel this the minute you are qualified to participate in one of our trials.

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Quality Research Brings
Tomorrow’s Medicines to San Antonio Today

We have conducted over 300 trials and served over 4,000 San Antonians participating in our trials. The top pharmaceutical companies in the world reach out to us because of our history, expertise, and compassion for our trials; and you the participant. Every trial that we undertake is done under the strict guidance of the FDA and is HIPAA-compliant for your privacy and security. 

Our Staff

Meet our team of distinguished medical and healthcare professionals

Robert P. Morin Jr., MD

Principal Investigator

Robert P. Morin Jr., MD, is a highly accomplished medical professional based in San Antonio, Texas, with a distinguished educational background and extensive clinical experience. Graduating from Ross University School of Medicine in 2000, he successfully completed his Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio in 2004. Board certified in Family Medicine and holding a Texas medical license since October 2006, Dr. Morin has played diverse roles, including Principal Investigator at Quality Research Inc., Staff Physician at Community Medical Associates, and Founding Practice Physician at Overcome Opioid Addiction. His private practice specializes in opioid addiction treatment, emphasizing compassionate care and innovative medical approaches.

Dr. Morin’s leadership extends to pivotal roles such as Medical Director at Total Safety, Inc., and Resolute Family Urgent Care, showcasing his commitment to ensuring and enhancing high-quality patient care. Actively affiliated with prestigious medical associations like the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and the American Academy of Family Medicine, Dr. Morin actively contributes to advancing medical research and upholding the highest standards of clinical excellence in his multifaceted medical career.

Ellen Schrader, LVN, CCRC


Ellen Schrader, LVN, CCRC, is a seasoned healthcare professional with a comprehensive background in nursing and clinical research. Graduating from Southeast Community College, School of Practical Nursing, in 1975, Ellen holds a Texas Nursing License #101148. Certified as a Clinical Research Coordinator in 1997, she has continually enhanced her skills, completing Investigator Training for Medical Research in 2001, ICH/GCP Training, and obtaining IATA Certification. Ellen’s career spans diverse healthcare settings, from Lincoln General Hospital in Nebraska to roles in California and Texas. With over a decade at Central Texas Health Research, contributing to 74 studies, she has been the President & CEO of Quality Research Inc. since April 1996. Licensed by the Texas State Board of Nursing since 1983 and an active member of ACRP since 1997, Ellen’s dedication to healthcare and clinical research is unwavering. Beyond her professional life, she stays engaged with the latest industry advancements and educational opportunities.

Michelle Davis, B.S., M.A., CCRC

Director of Operations

Michelle Davis, B.S., M.A., CCRC, Director of Operations at Quality Research Inc. since August 2011, embodies a unique blend of educational prowess and clinical research acumen. Holding advanced degrees from George Washington University and The University of Texas at Austin, her transition from a significant educational role at Keystone School to leading clinical operations showcases her versatility and commitment to advancing medical science. Certified as a Clinical Research Coordinator, Michelle has been pivotal in Quality Research Inc.’s success across multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular and gastrointestinal studies. Her leadership ensures the rigorous evaluation of free investigational medications, contributing profoundly to both the company’s and the field’s forward momentum.

Kay Breiner, BS, RRT

Director of Recruitment

Meet Kay Annette Breiner, BS, RRT – a seasoned Manager/Director with over 14 years of expertise in MCO Star Plus Service Coordination, Cardiopulmonary, and Respiratory Therapy. Known for her exceptional leadership, Kay has effectively managed and supervised teams, ensuring safe and high-quality customer service. Her skills span personnel management, administrative duties, staff scheduling, resource management, and Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. Kay’s experience at Superior Health Plan-Centene Corporation from 2014 to 2020 showcases her ability to recruit, coach, and mentor field staff, achieving a remarkable 100% Employee Engagement percentage in 2019. She conducted audits to assure quality work and compliance, tracked data for member contracts, and collaborated with interdepartmental teams for continuity of care. Kay’s proactive approach is evident in piloting new programs, participating in committees, and obtaining Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. As a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Kay maintains her license in Texas, along with BLS certification, showcasing her commitment to staying current in her field.

Dulce Benavides-Tyrrell, BS


Dulce Benavides-Tyrrell, a skilled Patient Recruiter, brings a robust background in clinical research. Currently at Quality Research Inc., she excels in recruiting patients, conducting fibroscans, and ensuring study protocol adherence. Dulce’s expertise extends to Care Access and Endeavor Clinical Trials, showcasing her prowess in subject recruitment and effective communication. Her educational journey includes a B.S. in Public Health and an Associate in Science (AS) in Nursing. Dulce also served in the Navy Reserve as a Hospital Corpsman. With hands-on involvement in various clinical trials, she demonstrates proficiency in managing diverse studies, from osteoarthritis to gastroesophageal reflux disease. Dulce’s commitment to clinical research is evident in her comprehensive understanding of protocols, recruitment strategies, and patient interactions.

Melissa Guzman, MA, CCRC


Melissa Guzman, RMA, CCRC, brings over 20 years of Medical Assistant experience, coupled with 12 years as a Clinical Research Coordinator. With a 2002 graduation from Kaplan College, Melissa holds certifications in BLS, OSHA, IATA, GCP, and ACRP membership. Her diverse career spans Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic, Dr. Dale Eubank’s Gynecology practice, and Rheumatology with Dr. Adriana Pop-Moody. Melissa served as a Clinical Research Coordinator at ICON, Plc, USRC Kidney Research, and currently at Quality Research, Inc. Her roles encompassed patient care, medical procedures, and impactful contributions to clinical research, showcasing her versatility. Proficient in diverse therapeutic areas, including rheumatology, nephrology, and early-phase trials, Melissa is dedicated to patient safety, accurate data collection, and study protocol adherence. Melissa’s wealth of experience makes her a valuable asset in the dynamic field of clinical research.

Chelsie Lopez, AMA


Chelsie Lopez, AAMA, AS, CRC, holds an Associate of Science Degree from San Antonio College (5/2023) and a Medical Assistant Associates Degree from Career Point College (5/2012). With diverse clinical research experience in Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal/Pain, Genitourinary, Metabolic, Ears/Nose/Throat, Cardiovascular, and NASH, Chelsie has been a valuable Receptionist/CRC at Quality Research Inc. since 2/15/2013. Her educational background and hands-on experience underscore her proficiency in managing a variety of clinical research areas. Chelsie’s role involves crucial responsibilities in both administrative and research aspects, making her an asset to the dynamic field of clinical research.

Andrea Iturrieta, CCRC


Andrea Iturrieta, BS, CRC, a Clinical Research Coordinator at Quality Research, Inc. in San Antonio, possesses a BS in Hospitality Management from INACAP University, Santiago, Chile (1993), complemented by certifications in Phlebotomy (2017), CITI Good Clinical Practice (2020), and Mayo Medical Laboratories IATA 1.5 / 49 CFR 172.700 (2022). With over a decade of diverse professional experience in customer service, lab technology, and marketing, Andrea transitioned into the realm of clinical research. Her current role involves coordinating various studies, including phase 3 trials for obesity and type 2 diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, Alzheimer’s disease, and COVID-19. Andrea plays a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge by meticulously adhering to clinical study protocols and ensuring the success of each research endeavor.